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WinSim21™ Version 4.0 FREE DELIVERY Price: $49.95

Blackjack Training and Simulation Software (click to see flash demo)

WinSim21™ NEW Version 4.0 Licensed Software Version from Developer

Windows® 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista

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WinSim21™ is a software tool for the serious Twenty-One Player.  Whether your goal is to play blackjack for profit, or to play comfortably as a recreational player for fun and within a budget, this tool will give you both the experience and confidence you need.  Practice playing cards, counting cards, and wagering in a dynamic casino environment.  Or use as a game for entertainment.  In its background mode it can simulate one million hands of blackjack in under 2 minutes* (see Results Dialog)!  Until now, a tool this sophisticated has not been available to the general public.  This is your chance to get the edge Las Vegas has been dreading.  Play at $1, $2 or $5 tables, or imagine yourself as a high roller at the Mirage in Las Vegas (see below)!

Features include:

  • Live Action Simulator - Let other simulated players come and go from your table as you play.
  • Player Rules - Easily supports all popular rules and variations for double down, splitting pairs, surrender and bonus payoffs.
  • House Rules - Declare whether dealer hits or stands on soft-17, gets a hole card and deals normal or Spanish-21.
  • House Variety - Over 10 billion variations of House and Player Rules, PLUS Spanish 21, Royal Match and Over/Under 13 combinations!
  • Build a Casino - Choose from one of many popular built-in casinos from Las Vegas to Monte Carlo, or build one of your own.
  • Single or Multiple Decks - Play single-deck, double-deck, or from a shoe (up to 8 Decks) with controls for shuffling and burning cards.
  • Side Bets - Insurance, Royal Match and Over/Under 13 offered. You can even place toke bets for the dealer!
  • Review Table Rules - Use convenient pop-up rules display to reveal details of the blackjack rules for this table (or rules covering any side-bets).
  • Betting Systems - Track results with 10 different betting systems; including unit bet, martingale, parlay and card-count.
  • More Betting Systems - Built-in support for popular betting systems; including Labouchere, Patrick's Short or Long Parlay, Tom's Parlay, Dahl's Parlay, D'Alembert, Contra-D'Alember, and Oscar's Grind.
  • Session Limits - In addition to monetary limits, recognize other signs of when it's time to quit, such as: number of hands played, losing streaks or winning streaks.
  • Risk of Ruin - Calculator feature lets you determine risks, set goals, evaluate bankrolls or find out what your unit bet should be.
  • Shuffle Up - Shuffle the cards using random, pseudo-random with clumping, computer shuffled, or manually (perfect for online casinos).
  • Dealer Interaction - Play with good dealers, dealers who make mistakes, or knock-out dealers. Learn what to look for, and what to do about it.
  • Dealer Banter - Become familiar with dealer vernacular; from Even Money and Chips Play to Green Out or the ever popular Insurance, Anyone?
  • Learn to Count - Using Hi-Lo, Hi-Opt I, K-O, Omega II or Custom card-count and play strategies.
  • Evaluate Counting Systems - In addition to evaluating the built-in counting systems, setup and checkout other popular systems including Speed Counting, Y-Easy I/II, Red Seven (even see if side-counts help).
  • Blackjack Exercises - Practice and get graded doing progressively more difficult exercises for playing and counting.
  • Deck Status - Tailor window to provide subtle feedback on your choice of running count, true count or cards remaining in shoe.
  • Statistics - Keep track of statistics such as hands won, lost, busted, streaks, hand value and up-card results for each player and dealer.
  • Customize Play Strategy - Use several built in card play strategies, or provide your own strategy for simulations.
  • Print Play Strategy - Print pocket-size reference sheets for count, basic or custom card play strategies.
  • Easy Keyboard Interface - Single key press (no Alt or Ctrl) facilitates rapid play to Deal, Hit, Stand, Double, Double (For Less), Split Pairs or Fold (Surrender).
  • Use Optional Hand Signals - Use easy mouse point/click/drag action to signal deal, hit, stand, double or split (even surrender), to practice live casino hand signals.
  • Background Simulator - Run simulations using built in or customized play strategies and see results update during the simulation.
  • Card Files - Use random number card sequences; or use card files to replay the same card sequences.
  • Result Files - Save your results and continue next time from where you left off.
  • Export Results - Easily export simulation results into Excel or other spreadsheet programs.
  • Archive Library - Create your own archive library of casinos and/or card-count strategies importable by you or others.
  • Embedded Training - A dozen help dialogs available on all aspects of WinSim21™.

Includes eBook User Guide (PDF) AND Count Betting Systems that WIN!**

Some of the facts you can learn:

  • Player wins less than 50% of the time when the dealer has a dangerous deuce.
  • Player does better hitting than standing with soft-18 against a dealer's ten.
  • Player should average about 1 blackjack every 20 hands.
  • Player should push more frequently against an Ace, than any other card.
  • Dealers who win 23+ hands in a row are cheating (20-22 are mighty suspicious).
  • Dealers should bust 28% of the time; Much more than players should bust!
  • Watch out for those Liberal Rules: Suited Blackjack bonuses come with quite a cost!
  • Player should almost break even using the basic strategy (-0.25%) without counting cards!
  • Players using the basic strategy should never take insurance!
  • Don't expect to win with 17, odds are you won't!
  • If you play at a $5 table with a $100 bankroll, half of the time you will lose the bankroll!

FREE S/H within USA or Canada

*  Benchmark Performance using Windows XP on 1.8 GHz PC.

**  Hi-Lo, Hi-Opt I, K-O or Omega II Counting Systems return between 1.50% and 2.25% for 1,000,000 simulated hands using common Las Vegas rules for a single deck and restricting bet spread from $5 to $25.


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