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Demonstration shareware offered on this site was developed by EmuBEST® and distributed without charge for evaluation purposes only.  Shareware found suitable for continued use may be licensed for such use through separate registration of each shareware product.  Registered software will have significantly more features and capabilities from the downloadable demonstration versions.

Technical support is available to all registered users of EmuBEST® products. Registered users will be notified of product upgrades. 

Shareware  and documents found on this site may be freely copied and distributed, with the following restrictions:

  • No fees may be charged for the distribution of these items.
  • The images produced or contained in these items are for private viewing only, and may not be copied or published without prior written approval of EmuBEST®.
  • These items are provided without warranty, either explicit or implied.
  • Use of these items constitutes agreement to abide by this licensing agreement.


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For inquiries about this site:  webmaster@EmuBEST.com