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EmuBEST® develops computer programs for entertainment; namely games. EmuBEST® teaches you to play games better.  You can use EmuBEST® to simulate different game playing strategies.  EmuBEST® tools to allow people to grow by "thinking outside the box." It is the premise of EmuBEST® that once people really understand how to do something well through emulation, they achieve the ability to innovate.

EmuBEST® develops and offers general-purpose recreational simulation and training tools to the public as shareware. EmuBEST® offers shareware products for download from its website. Users are EmuBEST® may choose to pay a fee and register, becoming a licensed user and eligible for latest software version. EmuBEST® expects users of its shareware will be eager to purchase the latest version of its software products, thereby becoming eligible for automatic free upgrades for that product. EmuBEST® also plans to pursue alternate venues for sales of its products, such as seminars and casino gift shops.

EmuBEST® intends to establish strategic alliances with industry and foster working relationships where EmuBEST® is considered by industry as an available asset to assist in rapid prototype development for simulation, modeling and training tools. To this end, EmuBEST® expects to become the premiere provider of such services and tools.



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